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Slay Your Blog Side Hu$tle includes 8 video lessons that show you EVERYTHING you need to launch your WordPress website in one week. Enroll TODAY! It's Absolutely FREE!

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Slay Your Freebie Masterclass provides a step-by-step tutorial that will empower you to plan, develop & slay a freebie that attracts your ideal customer & converts them into a new subscriber. Slay Your Freebie Today!

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Slay Your Email List Growth includes 7 step-by-step video lessons that describes the EXACT 5 Step Strategy that I use to gain New Subscribers EVERYDAY! If you're ready to take your blog to a new level, then Slay Your Email List Growth Today!

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This package includes a Bonus Lesson that empowers you to implement a 3 Step Strategy to earn extra money in your online biz while using the Mega Email List Growth Strategy. Ready to take your income to a new level? Slay Your Income Today!

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Slay Your Blog Side Hustle

In this course, you will learn every step of How to Start a Blog by joining me on my journey to set up this website (

Throughout the lessons you will engage in tasks such as:

  • Installing WordPress
  • Selecting + uploading a theme
  • Designing a homepage
  • Creating an email opt-in for subscribers + much more

Did I mention... $lay Your Blog Side Hustle IS FREE!

Slay Your Freebie Masterclass

This video masterclass empowers you to create a free printable resource that attracts your ideal audience and helps you gain new subscribers.

Slay Your Freebie Masterclass provides a step-by-step tutorial video lesson that teaches you how to use Google to create a free printable resource, add images, upload it to your website and attract new subscribers.

By enrolling today, you will receive:

  • Slay Your Freebie Masterclass Workbook
  • Lifetime Access to all course materials, videos and future updates &
  • Exclusive invitation to join the Private Mastermind Group, Kick A$$ Krew.
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Slay Your Email List Growth

Slay Your Email List Growth includes 7 video lessons that provide a step-by-step tutorial of the 5 step formula that I use to rapidly gain new subscribers every week.

In Slay Your Email List Growth, you will learn how to

  • Write an Epic Email Series
  • Create an Opt-In that includes a Strong Call To Action
  • Implement a Killer Social Media Strategy that includes Pinterest & Facebook and
  • Execute the Secret Strategy that Will Add New Subscribers to Your Email List EVERY WEEK!

While most video courses can cost $197-$397, I understand how it feels to be a new blogger struggling to make your dreams come true, especially when finances are tight, which is why I’m offering you the opportunity to Enroll in Slay Your Email List Growth Today for only $39

By taking me up on this special offer and enrolling in Slay Your Email List Growth Today, you will receive these special bonuses:

  • Epic Email Series Swipe File ($19 value): After gaining a new subscriber, it's important to share information about your mission, online biz & products. This Epic Email Series Swipe File gives you 5 emails that you can use to create a welcome series that empowers you to convert new subscribers into paying customers!
  • Free Group Coaching Sessions ($100+ value): Every month you will have the opportunity to join me for a private group coaching session & ask me all of those burning questions that keep you awake at night. I'm here to support you as you Kick A$$, Slay Goals & Take Your Life + Biz to a New Level!
  • Access to the Private Facebook Mastermind Group, Kick A$$ Krew ($250+ value): The best part is that it's not just me. There's a whole community of side hustlers that will provide the support, encouragement and motivation that you need to make your online biz a success.

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★ Enroll in Slay Your Freebie Masterclass $19
★ Enroll in Slay Your Email List Growth $39
★ Enroll in Slay Your Email List Growth + Add on Earn Extra Money Bonus Lesson $49

Apply the material. Meet the Kick A$$ Krew & Engage in the Mastermind. Really dig in and use all the tools at your disposal. Show us evidence that you tried your hardest to make it happen! If after 30 days of real effort, you haven’t found any success with the course, we’ll give you a FULL refund. Contingent upon you actually DOING the course work. We will ask you to fill out a workbook to show that you tried the material in the course and didn’t get results. We want serious students only.


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